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About The Firm

Elite Reporting is a court reporting firm that was established in 1991 by Max Curry, B.C.R., RPR, LCR, CRI and CCR.  The company is celebrating its 26th anniversary in January 2017.  Elite was established with a commitment to excellence in the work that the reporters associated with Elite do for our clients.  It is our belief that we are ultimately judged as individual reporters and as a firm based on the work that we produce and the image that we portray as a group in our skills as reporters and professionals at each and every job assignment. Elite’s reporters demonstrate their professionalism daily through professional dress and appearance, arriving early for our assignments, being ready to start on time and delivering our transcripts in an accurate and timely manner.

Elite specializes in wowing our clients with professional appearance and conduct at all assignments, followed up with impeccable transcript production and customer service. As a group, we believe you have to provide excellence from start to finish in all job assignments, hence our motto …  Expect Excellence! We are now scheduling nationwide for your convenience.

As of May 2012, Elite Reporting became a statewide firm in Tennessee. We now have offices in Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville and Chattanooga to serve all the needs of the legal community across Tennessee. Wherever you’re going, we’re going.

Also, as of January of 2014, Elite established a permanent in-house videography department. By reporting and producing our own video depositions, Elite is able to provide the most impeccable professional appearance at our assignments, followed up with top quality digital DVDs. We are also capable of syncing all video/transcript assignments as well.

Look no further … one call and we can take care of all your litigation needs in Tennessee!

Expect Excellence … call Elite Reporting!

Nashville 615.595.0073 * Memphis 901.522.4477 * Knoxville 865.329.9919  Jackson 731.425.1222 * Chattanooga 423.266.2332

About the Reporters


Max Curry  is the owner of Elite Reporting as well as a senior reporter. He graduated from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in 1989, with a Bachelor’s of Court Reporting (B.C.R.), becoming the first male in the country to receive the degree. Upon graduation from Ole Miss, Max worked from August 1989 to July 1990 in Memphis for an independent court reporting agency. He gained experience in a variety of litigation matters: Court (civil, criminal, and federal), depositions, arbitrations, military tribunals, conventions, and EUOs. After a year in Memphis, Max moved to Nashville, where after an additional year of working for a local court reporting firm, he ventured out to start his concept of what a true professional court reporting firm should be – Elite Reporting.

In 2014, Max celebrated his 25-year anniversary of reporting. His experience level allows him to specialize in reporting more complicated, technical matters. He also provides real-time services for attorneys requesting more advanced litigation support, currently now doing real-time wirelessly to iPads. He has certifications of Registered Professional Reporter (RPR), Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI) and Certified Court Reporter (CCR). Max is also a Licensed Court Reporter (LCR) with the state of Tennessee.

With Max’s teaching background, he has been asked by various professional groups such as NCRA, TCRA, ACRA, STAR, and others to present seminars on subjects, such as Court Reporting English, Professionalism in Court Reporting, Court Reporting Marketing, and Retention of Your Best Talent in Tough Economic Times. He has served twice as president of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association (TCRA) and has also served a combined ten years on the board of directors of TCRA. In 2012, Max was nominated and interviewed for a director’s position with the National Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA). He is currently serving as Vice President of the TCRA, as well as serving on the Freelance Committee for the NCRA. Max is a big believer in giving back and paying it forward for all this career has given to him and allowed him to accomplish.

Max enjoys gardening (vegetable and flowers), bowling, dining out, hiking, bike riding on Tennessee trails and Natchez Trace and traveling around the United States and internationally with his spouse.


Sarah Linder earned her certificate in court reporting from Tennessee Career College (TCC) in 2001. She has spent her career in reporting with Elite. In 2006, after five years’ experience in reporting and demonstrating impeccable leadership qualities, Sarah was promoted to senior associate with Elite Reporting Services.

Sarah has served twice on the Board of TCRA, serving as secretary and vice president and was the planner of the annual convention for TCRA.

Along with reporting more complicated job assignments, she also assists in managing the reporters within the group. What drives her in this career is not only the skills and challenges of being a reporter, but it is the many relationships she strives to attain through hard work and dedication to our clients. The love for this firm and the true professionalism amongst each reporter in the Elite team makes her proud to be a part of this firm.

Sarah enjoys her family, boating, bowling and her nephew Nathan.


Jeannie Bilyeu always had the goal of going into the legal field in some form or fashion. In her early 20s, she decided to enroll at TCC in Nashville, where she excelled in the court reporting program and achieved many accolades. Since beginning her court reporting career in 2005, she has gained extensive experience in covering a variety of very complex litigation matters, such as medical malpractice and eminent domain issues to name a few. Jeannie joined the Elite Reporting team in February of 2010. She is a dedicated reporter and consummate professional.

Jeannie enjoys traveling and cooking, as well as spending time with her husband, her children and her pets.


Misty Brigham graduated in 2007 with her certificate in court reporting from TCC. She has been with Elite from day one of her graduation and has thrived ever since in this profession. She truly loves what she does, so it’s not work to her. She has much experience in courtrooms, as well as taking depositions, EUOs, hearings and board meetings. Every day is different and that’s what she loves most about her profession.

In her spare time, Misty enjoys spending time with her three children and being a kid herself. She also loves playing the piano.


Jenny Checuga earned her license in Illinois in 1991. She has enjoyed working as an official with the Cook County courts, as a freelancer, owning her own business and teaching court reporting at Triton College where she herself went to school. She enjoys court reporting because it’s challenging and there’s always something new to learn.

In 2013 she decided to take her RPR.  In April 2014 she received her LCR and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where she became a part of the Elite family.

Jenny loves spending time with her wonderful husband and three children. She likes exploring all the beauty Tennessee has to offer and looks forward to her new life here.


Melanie came to Elite Reporting after working in the music industry for Brooks and Dunn. Her experience in the music industry honed her interpersonal skills and she developed an excellent ability to work in a cooperative environment. She finished at the top of her class in the court reporting program at TCC in 2008. With meticulous attention to detail and her focused, professional manner in the courtroom, Melanie has continued to enjoy tremendous growth and knowledge in her passion for her work as a court reporter. Her personal and professional excellence make her a dedicated and valuable asset to Elite Reporting.


After being a court reporter for over 15 years, working in the St. Louis, Mo. and the southern Illinois area, Marci decided to take the plunge and move to Tennessee to start a new chapter in her life. She has extensive experience in various types of litigation and really enjoys her reporting career. Not only is the work very interesting, but forming new relationships in this field is another part of what she loves about court reporting.

In Marci’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, traveling
and watching baseball.


Stephanie Jones graduated and received her CCR in 2006 from TCC. Since then, she has been a dedicated and esteemed member of Elite Reporting by showing excellence in reporting and customer service. In 2010, Stephanie was the initial recipient of Elite Reporting‘s annual reporter recognition award. We know we can count on Stephanie to successfully cover complicated and stressful assignments and make our clients feel as valued as they truly are. A real team player, she believes in Elite Reporting‘s mission of providing quality reporting services and often steps up to help by taking statewide assignments or assisting fellow reporters and staff.

Stephanie and her husband Trent are the proud parents of two children. She spends her free time enjoying the outdoors, cooking and serving her community through volunteerism.


Rochelle Koenes retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2012. It’s while serving in the Marines that Rochelle started her career in court reporting back in 1997 when she attended the Reporting Academy of Virginia. While performing her duties as a court reporter in the Marines, she was assigned to cover some of the hearings for the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After serving as a court reporter for 13 of the years she was in the Marines, she took some time off to spend with her family upon her retirement from the Marines. In October 2013, Rochelle continued her education as a court reporter and enrolled at Bryan University Online Court Reporting School to make the transition to work as a freelance reporter. Rochelle finished school in February 2015 and is excited to begin working as a reporter with Elite Reporting Services. When not spending time with her family, Rochelle likes to read books from some of her favorite authors: Vince Flynn, Brad Thor and David Baldacci to name a few. She also loves to travel and find new restaurants to try.


Ashley Meeks attended the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) from 2002 to 2004. She then attended the court reporting program at TCC from 2005 to 2008. Ashley completed her training online when the school closed. After graduating from the online program and receiving her certificate in -2009 from the Court Reporting Institute of Dallas, Ashley joined Elite Reporting as a valued team member.

She has demonstrated on a continuous basis her desire to learn and better her skills as a reporter. Her upbeat and positive attitude always makes any situation manageable. Ashley received an award for Most Outstanding Reporter in 2012.

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, bowling, playing disc golf, kayaking, watching football, especially Ole Miss and spending time with her husband and their two dogs.


Sarah Motley was born and raised in Franklin, Tenn., where she currently resides. She saw a court reporter as a guest speaker in her criminal justice class, back in her senior year of high school and knew immediately that  she wanted to do that for a living.

Sarah started her court reporting education at TCC in Nashville and ended up graduating from the Court Reporting Institute of Dallas. Sarah is a licensed court reporter in Tennessee, where she started her court reporting career in 2009 and joined the Elite family in early 2014.

In her free time, Sarah loves spending time with her family and friends, running and trying to find new hobbies.


Amber A. Thompson finished TCC in 2008 in the top of her class. After working for a local reporting firm, Amber joined the Elite Reporting team in 2011. Amber has experience in a vast array of litigation, including an extensive background in legal depositions. Amber demonstrates professionalism, courtesy and a prompt, proactive attitude in all situations and is a respected member of Elite.

In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, traveling, reading and playing tennis.



Debbie Watson  began her career in Houston, Texas, in 1986 after graduating from Alvin Community College with an AAS degree in Court Reporting. She was the sole proprietor of Tempo Reporting Service, Inc. and worked as a freelance reporter until August of 2000, when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
Debbie continued freelancing in Middle Tennessee and in January of 2015, she was excited to accept a position as a member of the Elite Reporting Services family. She looks forward to many years of working with this professional team of reporters.  She’s a member of NCRA and TCRA.
Debbie lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with her canine companion Scout. Her interests include health and welfare of animals, distance running and playing and singing country music.

Betty Curry Minton, (Louisiana), graduated from Del Mar Community College in 1985 with an associate’s degree in Court Reporting. Betty is a part-time reporter with Elite Reporting and transcribes all the tapes and CDs that come in from clients. She has been reporting for more than 20 years in Louisiana and part time in Tennessee. Her experience level and dedication to this career make her an invaluable member of the Elite team.

Betty enjoys gardening and time with her three grandchildren in her off time.


Stefani Simmons, LCR, CCR, attended Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, TENN. and graduated cum laude in 2005 with an Associate of Applied Science in Office Administration – Court Reporting.

Immediately following graduation, she joined the firm of Morrow & Associates, gaining much experience in a wide variety of civil litigation cases. In January 2010, Stefani began working on her own and also served on the Education Committee of the TCRA. In 2012, she joined Elite Reporting Services as the senior associate for West Tennessee. Stefani is licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi and is a member of the TCRA and NCRA. Stefani is currently serving her first year of a two-year term as a Western Director for the TCRA.


Erin Angel earned an Associates of Applied Science in Office Technology – Court Reporting/Closed Captioning. She graduated Cum Laude in December 2012. After being licensed in Tennessee, she joined Elite Reporting Services. She is also a member of TCRA.

Erin enjoys reading, playing softball, spending time with her family and friends, as well as her two dogs.


Wendy Chambers was born and raised in Texas. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from North Texas State University in 1992. After several years of working, she decided to pursue her certification in court reporting, which is truly her calling and passion. She graduated from the Arlington Career Institute in 2001.

After receiving her court certification, she moved to Memphis, Tenn., in June of 2001 to begin her career as a court reporter. One of the highlights of Wendy’s career is when she had the opportunity to move to Heidelberg, Germany and work with the U.S. Army. After two years in Europe, Wendy returned in 2005 to Memphis where she was a freelance court reporter. Wendy is a dedicated, competent and a professional court reporter who loves her career. Wendy is a mom to two incredible kids. In her spare time, she is attending sporting events with her kids, gardening, reading or enjoying time with friends.


Candace S. Covey served in the United States Air Force for four years before entering the world of court reporting. She attended the Court Reporting Institute of Dallas, where she earned her court reporting certificate.

Candace earned her RPR in 2005 and went to work for a Memphis court reporting firm. After five years with the firm, Candace left and reported independently for three years. In 2013, Candace joined Elite Reporting Services as an associate reporter for West Tennessee.

Outside of working, Candace enjoys crossfit and spending time with her husband, two children and her dog Daisy.


Lisa Mayo is a 19-year-veteran court reporter. She received her Associate’s Degree in Court Reporting in 1996 from State Technical Institute at Memphis and has been reporting in the Memphis area ever since. She reported with a Memphis reporting firm for 15 years and then was an independent reporter for four years. In January of 2015, she joined Elite Reporting Services as an associate reporter for West Tennessee.

After earning her court reporting degree, she then went on to obtain her RPR certification in 1998, then her CRR certification in 2000 and then finally her Registered Merit Reporter certification in 2001. She has extensive experience in providing realtime reporting in many different areas.

She has had the privilege of serving on the TCRA’s board in the western division for one 2-year term.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1996 and together they have three children. Her hobbies, include spending time with her family and their dog Max. When she can find the time, you may also find her running along the streets of Germantown, Tenn.


Julie Toney White, (Mississippi and Tennessee) was born and raised in the Arkansas Delta. Julie graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor’s of Court Reporting in December of 2004. She moved to Memphis and joined the court reporting firm�, Morrow & Associates. In 2010, she went out on her own for two years. In the summer of 2012, Julie joined Elite Reporting Services. She is licensed in Tennessee and certified in Mississippi. She is a member of NCRA, MCRA and TCRA.

Julie lives in Oxford, Miss., with her husband Bryan and their son, Raleigh. They recently had another son in August of 2014. They have two dogs, Lily and Daisy and a cat, Zoey. In her spare time, Julie enjoys spending time with her family and animals, gardening, cooking, reading and being outside.


Melissa M. Smith, RPR, LCR, CCR, first earned a B.S. in Communication Disorders from Saint Louis University, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1998, before deciding to pursue court reporting studies at TCC under the direction of Max Curry, owner ofElite Reporting Services.

After earning her court reporting certificate, Melissa then earned herRPR in 2005 while working full time with Elite Reporting Services, until accepting the position of Director of Court Reporting at TCC in late 2006.

In January 2008, Melissa moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., and not long after, began working on her own under the name of BenchMark Reporting Services. In 2012, she re-joined the Elite Reporting family as its senior associate for East Tennessee. Melissa is licensed and certified to practice in Tennessee and Georgia and is also an approved Eclipse trainer.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys gardening, organizing, spending time with her husband and three dogs and is an avid book reader.


Kristin Burke graduated in March of 2000 with a CCR from Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood, Fla. She worked in the Miami/Broward/Palm Beach area for eight years before moving to East Tennessee in April of 2008. She has experience in all areas of litigation at the state and federal level, criminal and civil, as well as meeting both private and public. Kristin proudly became a member ofElite Reporting in the Knoxville office in June of 2015. Kristin’s desire to give back to the profession that has given her so much was partly satisfied with her nomination and election onto the Board of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association in 2011. Her first role was as an Eastern Director and then as Vice President from 2012 – 2014. Kristin continues to support her state association as a committee member.

Kristin enjoys spending quality time with her husband Brian and their son Dexter, as well as cooking and traveling.


Jennifer Short  graduated from TCC in 2005 with a CCR under the guidance of Max Curry. She recently joined Elite Reporting in the summer of 2013 in our Knoxville office. She has an extensive background in complicated medical and technical depositions, hearings and court trials. Jennifer is mom to three great children. They stay active with their Shepherd-mix dog, Kip and cat, Sweetpea. Her hobbies, include scrapbooking, crocheting, reading, gardening and the outdoor life.


Valerie Jones graduated from TCC in 2005 with a CCR under the direction of Max Curry.

She has been working independently as a reporter for many years in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee. She has extensive trial, jury trial and deposition experience.

Valerie works with the Knoxville office of Elite Reporting Servicesand will also be available to help Elite Reporting Services in Middle Tennessee, as well.

Valerie enjoys spending time with her daughter. Her hobbies, include gardening, sewing and all her various pets.


Monica lived in Rohnert Park, CA and graduated from Rancho Cotate High School in 2006.  She moved to Spring Hill, TN with her husband Chris in July 2007.

She recently joined Elite Reporting in September 2015 and is looking forward to futhering her career with Elite Reporting. Monica loves playing ball with her 3 dogs (Shadow, Shmokie, & Toby), going for walks with her mom, and enjoys going zip lining and doing rope courses with her husband.


Ashley grew up in San Diego, CA where she graduated from Orange Glen High School.  Her family moved to Hendersonville, TN in January 2016.  She joined Elite Reporting Services in February 2016 and is looking forward to adventures and opportunities at Elite and in Tennessee.

Ashley loves spending time with her family and friends and exploring all that Tennessee has to offer.


Dan came to Tennessee back in 2002 after growing up in Ogden, Utah where he studied photography and visual communications at Weber State University.  Dan joined Elite Reporting in October of 2015 and is entheusiastic about his future with Elite.

In his spare time Dan really likes spending time with his wife Jocelyn, family, and friends.  Some hobbies include getting taken for walks by his dog, movies, and tinkering.