TERRI RICKS, Attorney at Law
Farrar & Bates

“I have used Elite Reporting exclusively for 11 years and have never had a negative experience with a reporter or a problem with a transcript. The reporters are very professional and their work is of the highest quality. And, of equal importance, Elite will always find a way to get a deposition or court appearance covered when I find myself in a crunch.”

JERRY GONZALEZ, Attorney at Law
Sole Practitioner

“I have been using Elite Reporting since 1997 and have always been immensely satisfied with their service. I have been exposed to other court reporters when the opposing counsel orders the service and have found practically all of them wanting. Elite Reporting has kept pace with the need for technologically advanced services and products since the federal courts have converted to all electronic filings. From providing electronic versions of transcripts to the ability to hook counsel’s laptop to real time reporting and to video synchronized transcripts, Elite Reporting has stayed at the front of the game. I would never even consider using anyone else.”

ANN STEINER, Attorney at Law
Steiner & Steiner

“I have used Elite Reporting Services exclusively for the past 10 years. I first came into contact with Elite Reporting Services when my office forgot to schedule a court reporter for a deposition in New Johnsonville, at least two hours from my office. I called the court reporter group that I typically used and they were unable to help me. Opposing counsel contacted Elite and Max Curry immediately came to the deposition. Because of this, I began to use Elite for some of my cases. In doing this, I noticed that Elite provided very good services. I now use them exclusively for my depositions and trials. The Elite reporters are always on time and I know that I can depend on them. The Elite reporters are professional, punctual and provide accurate transcripts. They also keep tapes of their work. I would recommend Elite Reporting Services to anyone who needs a court reporter.”

BILL BATES, Attorney at Law
Farrar & Bates

“I can’t say enough good things about Elite Reporting Services. I have used them exclusively for years and always received a timely and professional transcript. All the reporters are professional and willing to help in a crunch. I remember one occasion I was driving on the interstate to a deposition and realized I had not gotten a court reporter. As usual, Elite came to the rescue and I was able to get the deposition done as scheduled.”

SHAWN McBRIEN, Attorney at Law
McBrien & Kane

“I look forward to a continued relationship with your firm, as it is the best and most reliable we have found. Thank you for your level of service.”

PETER M. NAPOLITANO, Attorney at Law
Sole Practitioner (Not a regular client, out-of-area attorney)

“My compliments to your staff who did an outstanding job in this case. I hope we can do business together in future cases.”

ROBERT WHEELER, Attorney at Law
Sole Practitioner

“Please know that we appreciate all that you do for us and further, that we will always look to you first for our court reporting needs.”

Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan

“I would recommend Elite Reporting to anyone looking for court reporting services. They have been very professional and efficient with all of our work over the last two years. Everyone at Elite is very friendly and helpful.”

Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan

“Elite is fantastic! They are very professional, always on time, always call to confirm and someone is always there to answer your calls.”

Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan

Elite Reporting is always willing to go the extra mile to provide a reliable court reporter, whether it is for a previously scheduled job or a last minute emergency.”

Steiner & Steiner

“I first met Max Curry with Elite Court Reporting Services six years ago. I was new to the legal field. Max was very patient with me and helped me on numerous occasions when I needed a court reporter at the last minute. All of the court reporters who work for Elite are professional, always on time, friendly and they help me when I desperately need to secure the services of a court reporter at the very last minute. Elite Court Reporting is the only court reporting service that my employer will use. They have covered numerous trials and depositions for our office. I have had them transcribe several recordings as well.”

Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan

Elite Reporting Services has always been my first choice when selecting a court reporting service. Their reporters are dependable, they use the latest in technology and they are total professionals. I can always rely on the final work product to be first class and on time. I would recommend Elite Reporting Services to other lawyers without any hesitation.”